While we do not currently perform piercings or dermal anchors at our shop in Nun St, we do just around around the corner at our 129 Grainger Street shop.

If you thought that getting your navel pierced was daring, prepare to have your eyes opened - take a few minutes to read the information on this page and it's links and you'll find that if it sticks out far enough, Hype will put a nice shiny ring in it for you!

Piercing Price List

If you're baffled by the vast amount of possibilities when it comes to choosing a new piercing, you can click on nearly every piercing on our price list for a more detailed description of the piercing and where on the body it's located - a new window will open and display information on the piercing from the bmezine.com online encyclopedia.


About Hype

Hype Tattoo is located in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne's busy city centre - whether you're coming to us by car, foot, or public transport our central location makes us easy to find.

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