What if I already have a tattoo that I want rid of rather than covered up?

We all make mistakes, it's what makes us human. And sometimes we choose to have ourselves tattooed with something we will later regret.

Maybe because:

  • the tattooist was not a professional and the quality of the work is poor.
  • it's a 'home made' tattoo - perhaps jimmy no longer 'luvz' kelly '4eva'. :)
  • it seemed like 'a good idea at the time'.
  • the tattoo is a permanent reminder of what is now an uncomfortable/unwanted memory from the past (just ask jimmy!).
  • you wish to move into a career that is not accepting of visible tattoos.

One method available to you at our 129 Grainger Street studio is traditional 'Laser' removal which uses high energy pulses of light to vaporize the tattoo pigment into smaller particles which can be absorbed by the body.

Tattoo removal itself is a specialized field, so if you are thinking about having a tattoo removed please visit the 129 Grainger Street shop and we will be able to discuss the details of removing your unwanted tattoo(s).

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